Are Dentures the Right Option For Teens

Having a significant giant gap or missing teeth can be devastating for all ages, including teens. When we speak about dentures, people immediately relate them to elderly patients. Surprisingly, the use of dentures among teenagers and kids are rising significantly.

Many parents consider dentures for their teenage kids. But, are they the right option? Fortunately, the partial dentures in Pleasant Prairie are an excellent option for teens.

Why Do Teens Require Dentures?

There are several reasons why your teenage kiddy may require a denture. The reasons are listed below:

·    Tooth decay because of poor oral care

·    Developmental issues like ectodermal dysplasias

·    Broken or lost teeth

·    Dental trauma

The teenage period includes rapid physical development.   So if the teeth are missing at these ages, it’s preferable to replace them with dentures for proper jaw development. Leaving these gaps for long can cause other oral health and development issues.

Dentures in tens can help restore aesthetics as well as functionality. Dentures will help the teen to eat a variety of foods without any difficulties. Dentures ensure proper nourishment of the teenagers and also help them find social acceptance among peers.

What Denture Type is Right For Teenagers?

You don’t need to worry about determining the right denture type for your child. Based on the teenager’s oral conditions, the dentist will suggest the appropriate option. The dentist will make sure that the denture is suitable for teenagers. Some denture types are:

·    Full dentures

·    Implant dentures

partial dentures in Pleasant Prairie

·    Partial dentures

·    Flexible partial dentures

Final Words

When the dentist advises dentures for your teenage kid, don’t get surprised. Dentures have become quite normal for all ages. Besides, dentures can help beat that anxiety in kids who don’t like gaps or missing tooth.